Uses for Garden Hoses

Old Garden Hose

Old Garden Hose

Now that you have a Pocket Hose to replace your old cumbersome garden hose, what are you going to do with it?! We found a list for 10 uses for a garden hose that will work better than the job its meant for! Now you will be using the Pocket Hose to take care of your watering needs and your old garden hose for different things. It’s a perfect system!

Lisa Reviews Yard Test

flexible hose review

Lisa Reviews blog tested out the Pocket Hose in her yard and said her family loves it!  After using it in their yard for a couple of weeks, they were so happy with Pocket Hose that they purchased a second one. Lisa notes that it is so lightweight that her kids were even able to easily carry it and water the flowers in the yard. They highly recommend this flexible hose and note that it has replaced their traditional garden hose. Read more of the review here.

Cottage & Gardens Magazine Features Expandable Hose

cottage gardens expandable garden hose review

Cottage and Gardens magazine featured the expandable Pocket Hose in it’s “Houseware Happenings” story on new products that will be at the Chicago International Housewares Show.  The magazine noted that the Pocket Hose’s accordion design helps make it easy to store, and its bright green wrinkly plastic is kink and tangle resistant.  Other products previewed for the Housewares Show were an appetizer maker, a stuffed burger press, a collapsible vase and a cool new sill collector.  Check out the rest of the products on the Cottage & Gardens site.

Pocket Hose Is The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

tv garden hose

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your family? The Pocket Hose is the expanding garden hose that starts out so small it can fit in your pocket… or your stocking! This hose is perfect for men who want a cool, clutter free water hose, or women who want an easy hose for their gardens.  The Pocket Hose is also great for apartment balcony’s and patios, and it’s so lightweight that even the kids can use it! Get the flexible garden hose that is fun for the whole family! Pocket Hose is available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Boscov’s, CVS, Dr. Leonards, Kohls, Target, Walgreens, Walmart and more – pick one up today!