WMC-TV Names Pocket Hose A “Wise Buy!”

pocket hose

pocket hose

WMC-TV rated the Pocket Hose a “wise buy!” The news team enlisted the help of the Memphis Fire Department to test out the hose.  They compared it to a traditional home garden hose, and found that the Pocket Hose really could not be kinked, unlike the regular hose.  Four of the firefighters even bent the hose in different places and found that Pocket Hose maintained a steady flow.  They all agreed that it is an amazing value and definitely a “wise buy!”

Courier-Journal “Pocket Hose Does Not Disappoint”

pocket hose does it work

pocket hose does it work

The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana wrote a great review on this flexible hose.  The reviewer said that they tried it out on a nice 60 degree day.  When the water turned off, it ‘magically’ shrank into a neat pile that was much less of an annoyance than their larger hose that sprawls out among the yard.  Although they say the only drawback is that it might be a bit pricey at $19.99, the Courier-Journal says that Pocket Hose is one of the As Seen On TV products that is a ‘keeper.

New Jersey 101.5 Discusses TV Hose

new jersey 101.5 pocket hose

When New Jersey 101.5 radio mentioned the Pocket Hose on one of their shows, it turned into an hour long discussion on the product! Many listeners called in to talk about their thoughts on this expanding hose.  The radio station has posted a review video on the Pocket Hose so that other listeners can watch and make their own decision. Check it out on the 101.5 website.


FOX News Detroit’s “Fame Or Shame”

pocket hose fame or shame review

WJBK FOX News Detroit, tested the Pocket Hose in their “Fame or Shame” segment, give this hose a “fame!” They enlisted the help of Les Gold, star of truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” and Les’ boater friend.  Though they were skeptical of the hose at first, once the water was turned on the testers were blown away. They called Pocket Hose “unbelievably light” and noted that they couldn’t kink  even if they tried, which they did. They had one mishap where the plastic shut-off valve snapped, but because the piece is a bonus add-on, it didn’t affect the functionality of the hose. They even put the infomercial to the test and found that Pocket Hose was able to tow their SUV! Watch the whole hose review on MyFoxDetroit.com.

Chicago Tribune Spring Cleaning Feature

Chicago Tribune Pocket Hose review

The April issue of the Chicago Tribune’s “Prime Time” has highlighted the Pocket Hose in their Spring Cleaning feature!  The feature describes the hose as being the opposite of a chore. They say it is light and collapsible, making any hose job easier than when using an ordinary rubber hose.   The article gives information on the hose sizes and where you can buy them.  The most popular Pocket Hose size is the 50 foot that sells for $19.99 at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Wal-Mart.