New Report On Pocket Hose

Consumer Reports wrote an article on the Pocket Hose. Click here more for information.  You can also watch the article’s accompanying video on the Consumer Reports Youtube site.

consumer reports pocket hose

Consumer Reports Pocket Hose Feature

consumer reports product review

Consumer Reports recently featured the Pocket Hose in an article titled “Three Quirky Products That Solve Everyday Problems.”  In this feature, Consumer Reports discussed this growing water hose, a grill cleaning robot called GrillBot and a Gel Memory Foam Pillow.  The Vice President of Market Research at Telebrands, the maker of Pocket Hose was quoted saying that the name of the product is “a metaphor, that the hose is very small and expands as water flows through it. Turn off the water and the hose shrinks to its original size.”  Consumer Reports is currently conducting a test on the Pocket Hose in their labs and will publish a write up of their findings soon.