NEW Pocket Hose Infomercial

There is a brand new TV commercial for the green growing garden hose!  TV host and personality Richard Karn, also known as “Al” from the show Home Improvement, stars in the new infomercial for the Pocket Hose!  Karn is also a big fan of this hose and loves the kink-free usability. Watch the new commercial below or on Youtube. And like Karn says, “Pick a Pocket Hose!”

One thought on “NEW Pocket Hose Infomercial

  1. I got one of these about a month ago, and I love it!! What a welcome relief from lugging that heavy other thing that never failed to kink, leak, and was constantly a pain in the rear to wind up. I always swore I HATED hoses. I do a lot of gardening and having great equipment that makes it simpliar is so welcomed. Believe me this really is hassle free.
    I dislike ordering things on TV in case it needs to be returned, I didn’t want to hassle. But I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond, and had a coupon, and thought I’d try it… But to my amazement it was better than I anticipated. In fact I’m going back for another one for the front yard. I recommend this little gem and can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

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